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Unique Wedding Gift

It can be really hard thinking of a unique gift for a friend who is about to be wed. Everybody gives platters, appliances, utensils, and other household effects. All sorts of things come to mind and all of them sound perfect. Still, you want to make your gift the most perfect and memorable one.

What you can do is to think of an idea that will be useful for the wedding day itself. You do not need to be extravagant. Just make it simple but elegant. Have you ever considered giving wine with a custom wedding wine label?

Borrelli Cellars offers a service that makes that possible.  And since you put your own name on the wine, you can make it a wedding wine label.

There will be easy steps to follow to produce a wine label that will surely be appreciated by the couple and even their guests. The first thing to do is to come up with a unique concept or, better yet, create something that goes with the theme of the wedding. Make sure you have the same colors as the wedding motif. This is the easiest way to make your design blend in. For example, if they have an orange motif and the wedding is held on the beach, then create a tropical-themed label with an orange sun. Of course, you have to be artistic to make that label and wine stand out.

If you have the design already, you need to find the appropriate supplies for printing the label and for finding the right bottle. Since you want it exceptional, you should also provide a uniquely shaped bottle that will not be like anything you see in stores. Once you have the right container, print your label and paste it carefully where you should. Add beautiful ribbons to make that gift look sweeter and more exceptional.

Now that you have the idea, you don’t have to worry about following regulations on wine labels since what you’ll be making is not for sale and public consumption. Yes, you can customize it according to your exact wishes. This way, you can make more improvements with your designs and have better results. Definitely, a personalized wedding wine label is, in itself, a gift, although it would be good if you can have fine wine in that bottle, too.

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