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Do I have to go to classes?

        No.  All wine making is done here at our store under the watchful eyes of our Certified Wine Consultants.  You will need to start the fermentation of your wine and return 4-6 weeks later to complete your bottling using our easy to use equipment.

How long does it take?

        Once you select your wine selection it takes only minutes to start your wine making.  When you return to bottle, first time customers usually take an hour.  Repeat customers can complete the bottling in less than one half hour.

Do I need an appointment to make wine?

        No appointment is necessary to make wine.  Simply come in to the store and choose your selection.  An appointment is necessary for bottling, since we need to prepare for you and reserve a bottling station for your use.

How many bottles will I get?

        Your vintage will yield approximately 30 standard (750ml) bottles.

Does it all have to be the same kind of wine?

        Yes.  Your individual selection produces a quantity of 23 liters (6 gallons).  Many customers join with a friend and make two different selections to share with each other.

What does it cost?

        Pricing will vary based on the category of wine selected.  It starts at $ 93.00  per batch of 30 – 750ml bottles.  Visit our RED WINES or WHITE WINES pages for specific pricing & details.

How and when do I pay?

        You pay for your wine selection at the time of the winemaking.  We accept  Visa,  Master Card, and  Debit Cards .  Bottles can be purchased at  the follow-up visit for bottling.

What is included in the price?

        Pricing includes the wine, corks,  and all taxes.  Bottles are priced separately.  Bottles cost $ 11.99 per case which is .99 cents each.  Other sizes are also available.

Can I bring in my own bottles?

        Yes.  Since you are making this wine for your personal use, you can bring in your own previously used bottles provided that they are clean and all labels have been removed.  You will sanitize all bottles prior to filling them regardless if you bring them in or purchase them here.

What if I don’t have enough bottles?

        Purchase as many or few bottles as you need.

Can I put my name on the labels?

        An upgrade is available for custom labels. You will have your choice of  different graphic designs from which to choose.  We will imprint you personalized text for you with our laser printer at the time of bottling.  Cost for the custom label upgrade is $ 15.00 which will provide 30 labels.

How do I know what wine to make?

        This is the most difficult part of the wine making process.  With over 40 varieties in stock making a choice requires some effort on your part.  Once we determine the styles of wines that you are interested in making, we will narrow the choices down to a few.  

What if I don’t like the wine when it’s done?

        You can be sure that the wine that you make will be of the highest quality – we guarantee your satisfaction.

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