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The First Steps in Starting a Wine Collection

When first starting a wine collection you may not be sure where to begin. With so many different types of wines and vintages you could have some difficult choices when choosing which wines will be the first you start your collection with.

Proper Storage

Before buying your first supply of wine to begin your collection, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to store it. A cool, dark, and humid space will be required to allow your wine to continue to age and to prevent spoiling. Knowing in advance how long you’ll be storing your wine and how much you’ll usually have on hand at one time can give you a better idea of what kind and how large of a storage space you’ll need.

Investing in some racks, cabinets, and perhaps even a custom wine cellar or storage room will give you the space and storage furniture required to house a decent sized collection. Starting small and adding slowly to your collection will give you time to slowly buy more furniture and expand your storage space as needed.

Expand Your Wine Knowledge

Subscribing to a popular wine magazine or two can keep you up to date on the latest wine reviews. Attending trade shows, going to wine tastings, and joining a wine club will help you get to know local manufacturers and other wine enthusiasts. Knowing as much as you can about wine can give you the proper knowledge to develop an impressive collection.

Know Your Reason for Collecting

Collecting wine to have a well formed personal wine stash that can be used for entertaining or for your own enjoyment can be a relaxed and rewarding experience. You’ll likely be adding wines to your collection according to the tastes you enjoy most as well as keeping a few dessert or sparkling wines on hand for when certain situations may call for them.

Another reason for collecting may be for rarity or prestige. Looking for high quality wines, expensive brands, and rare vintages may become the main purpose of your collection. If so, thoroughly educating yourself in the varieties of different wines available will become even more necessary.

Whatever your reason for collecting wine, the process shouldn’t be stressful or become a hassle and should be done in a manner that’s within your budget. There’s no need to rush your collection so just start with what you can afford and take the time to enjoy the process.

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